Thursday, September 25, 2008

Updates & Event Dates

Sun Valley Tele is proud to announce our 29th straight season of competition!

This blog site is the new information source for all Sun Valley Tele competition updates, community events and locally produced media.

In following weeks this site will see cosmetic changes as we get everything dialled in, but check back for updates as events unfold.

The Official 2009 Sun Valley Tele Series Dates:

Sat. 1-3-09 All-Terrain at Sun Valley (bumps,jumps,GS,hiking)

Sat. 2-7-09 Idaho's Original Bob Marley Day 3 Events -All-Terrain,Big Air,Tele Powder8's

Sun.3-8-09 Dollar Mountain GS

Sat. 4-4-09 Hawaiian Nationals- Duel GS,Tandem Tele Challenge,Telemark Parade, Rail Jam

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